In the Line of Duty

“Every duty is a charge, but the charge of oneself is the root of all others.” – Mencius


Ever been to Disney World? That is one of my favorite places to go. Why? Because I love how it makes me feel like I’m part of a fairytale – the characters actually come alive! Ranging from Aladdin to Ariel to Gaston (Sorry, I’m such a Disney fan!), the performers actually play the characters so well that they won’t even admit they’re acting, but rather claim to be “friends” with the character they’re playing. This shows how dedicated they are and let us not even go into details of the positivity that exudes at Disney World. Though we only see one Daffy Duck and one Minnie Mouse, the reality is that each of these characters are played by various people throughout the day, but guests can hardly tell the difference! We can only see Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse and that is final!


Duty is “a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility; a task or action that one is required to perform as part of one’s job.” Christianity is more than a way of life; it is a service to God and to humanity. We must always be in the line of duty to serve God. We must take a cue from the diligence and conscientiousness of the performers at Disney World, and serve with enthusiasm and positivity.


Christians must be identifiable anywhere they find themselves, and their actions must be the unique identification traits (rather than their words). Christians may be doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc., but they must be different from others in their line of profession and still perform their duty to God. Some of the duties expected of a Christian include helping the needy, putting God before self, readiness to serve, spreading the gospel and leading people to God. So, what must we do to remain in the line of duty as a Christian?


We must have the fruit of the Holy Spirit. According to Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV), “…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”. Without these traits, fulfilling our duty will be impossible. How can we serve when we have no love? How can we win souls when we have no patience? How can we love God when we are not faithful? How can we remain righteous when we have no self-control? All these traits are intertwined and are all contained in one fruit!

As Christians, we must examine ourselves daily, give an honest assessment of our character , what we did wrong, and how we can do better. We must understand that our duty to God is primary, and all other things are secondary. Just like every employee has been guaranteed a salary after an receiving an employment letter, there is a guarantee as Christians that we will never walk alone, as God will always be with us. It is never too late to renew your vows to God, and together, we can make this world a better and safer place as great ambassadors of Christ.




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