Ticking With Purpose seeks to encourage people to pursue a purpose driven life – honoring God with their minds, bodies and souls, whilst dealing with real-life struggles, pursuing God, promoting healthy relationships and enjoying the amazing gift of life. We also seek to promote healthy lifestyles including travel, food, nature, culture, fashion and other interests.

Our Core Values

We believe that the most powerful weapon on earth is love. We strive everyday to love our neighbors and do the best we can. Love comes from within and the benefits are endless. A life lived with love is a life lived well.

We believe that honesty is a trait that we must aim to possess. It affects every aspect of our lives and our relationship with others. It births trust and integrity which makes us feel good about what we do.

We seek to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances we may be facing. Constant optimism is a drive to uplift others and spread love around us.

We are open to new ideas, suggestions, stories and criticism. We aim to create a no judgment atmosphere where people of any race, class, sex and religion can experience God’s love.

Our Ultimate Goal

We seek to inspire people to explore their true gifts by searching themselves, acknowledging their weakness and embrace a life of love. We encourage people to appreciate life, engage in healthy lifestyles, and fulfill their purpose.

We seek to build a community of people who will love each other unconditionally, serve each other willingly and bear one another’s burdens.

We aim to raise a community of believers who are ready to unlearn, relearn and grow spiritually.

Our Founder

Olasubomi Durojaiye founded Ticking with Purpose in 2016. This initiative was launched as a result of her quest of wanting to do more for God and fulfilling her God-given purpose on earth. She felt that she needed to share her experiences and daily struggles with the community, in order to mold her character and create a sense of belonging for others who may be going through or may have gone through these experiences or phases too at some point in their lives. She aims to inspire people through her writing by creating an atmosphere where goals and ambitions are not limited to human thinking, but rather on our God-given gifts. Living with a purpose intends to focus more on human relationships – loving each other, bearing each other’s burdens, serving each other and growing spiritually.


Olasubomi is also passionate about children and aims to contribute a world where children will experience pure and unadulterated love for humanity.