What Time Is It?

There’s a time and season for everything. A time to be happy, a time to be sad, a time to focus, a time to relax, a time to work, and a time to play. We also have various seasons in life, working in line with time. There’s summer, winter, fall and spring. But eventually, everything is perfect from God’s perspective.

It is very important to know what time and season we are experiencing at every point, so we can prepare in advance for the next season. Are you in a waiting season? A season of abundance? A season of adversity? A season of hustling? A happy season? We could go on and on and on. It can be quite difficult identifying the season we are in.

So how do we prepare for a new season? We must understand that this life is a cycle, and nothing ever stays the same. For example, when in a dry and tough season, when things aren’t going our way or things look bleak, rather than mop around, get angry, feel hopeless, frustrated or disappointed, we should believe and stand firm knowing that everything is temporary, and the season will pass. This is the time to examine your life, make sure you are right with God, and prepare your heart for a season of abundance.

In the season of waiting, we must remain hopeful. You could be waiting for a call back from a recruiter, waiting for the spouse God has destined for you, waiting for a test result, waiting for your prayers to be answered, etc. We must understand that God is preparing us for a better chapter in our lives. He is preparing us for the best season coming ahead. We must spend this waiting period working on our character, working on receiving the blessings coming our way, rather than being envious of what others have that we don’t, or fixating on things that we should not be thinking about.

The season of hustling is when we get too occupied with life. We get caught up with work, chasing money and the luxury of life. We must prioritize and do what we need to do, but also not forget to rest, lest we break down.

And in our season of happiness – when our dreams have come true, our life is going according to plan, everything is smooth and rosy, we must not forget to praise God and be thankful. We must appreciate what we have and find a way to share our joy with others.

Ultimately, we must learn to be introspective and ask ourselves these questions.

“What season am I currently facing at this time?”

“How has this season molded my character?”

“Has this season enriched and improved my life?”

‘What have I learnt from this season”

When we are able to answer these questions honestly, we are one step closer to fulfilling our purpose in life. Life is all about transformation and change. Every experience helps us grow, and paves way for fulfilling destiny.

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