Perfection Cripples Potential

“The maxim, “Nothing prevails but perfection,” may be spelled PARALYSIS.”Winston Churchill.


Have you ever felt so lazy to do something you know you really want to do? Have you ever longed for something, but you never work towards getting it? Are you a perfectionist? Are you afraid of making mistakes? Are you afraid of making decisions? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? Are you afraid of rejection?


If you can identify with one or two of the questions asked above, then you may be suffering from what is known as ‘Perfection Paralysis’. This simply means this fear of failure. Fear is the root of all indecision. It is the reason we are afraid of taking steps towards achieving our goals, so we do not even bother starting. Eventually, it is a lose-lose situation, because we do not achieve our goals, and are consumed with fear. It’s okay to admit that you’re afraid because only then can you really move forward.


The truth implies that there is no way to actually achieve the perfect goal or live the perfect life; there will always be a loophole. We all struggle with perfectionism, and that is why we hesitate to start something, except we are sure it is perfect.  Well, I am here to remind you that no one is perfect.  The sooner you accept this reality, the better for you. That way, you will lower your expectations and realize that you can be imperfect and happy.


Understanding your imperfections comes with a sense of fulfillment. You begin to love yourself more, accept your flaws, and appreciate every little thing you have to offer. You can then focus on ways to achieve all you want with your imperfections. You do not have to be perfect to be lovable, you do not have to perfect to be successful, and you certainly do not have to be perfect to fulfill your purpose!


It is really exhausting wasting all your time and energy focusing on your mistakes and beating yourself up over it. P.S – It is a good thing to learn from your mistakes, but do not dwell on them. Learn from those mistakes to become a better you rather than dwell on them – which just leads you down a dark road that never ends well. Do not set unrealistic standards for yourself, do not compare yourself to others. Learn to embrace who you are, and if you are having trouble, and need a little reminder, just pick up your bible and read Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female He created them.” (NIV version). We are all made in God’s image and likeness, and that is perfection in its form. No matter how we think imperfect we are, we are perfect in His sight, and He loves us with all our flaws.


Next time you want to think about giving up on your goals, remember the story of David, the ordinary young boy who was overlooked by his family, yet defeated Goliath the giant with a mere slingshot and some stones! Hand over your fears and worries to God, and just take that bold step. Like the Nike brand says – Just do it!



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