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Hey Fans, Lol. I’m joking! Hello People! How have you been? Hope you’re having a great week? Mine has been awesome. I’m awake, healthy, walking with my two legs, typing with both hands, seeing with my eyes, chewing properly and I am happy as well. Happy Thanksgiving to my American Lovers. (Yes, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving). Though I believe this should be an everyday thing. There is so so much to be thankful for.

It’s been so long since I posted and No, I wasn’t having “Writer’s block”. Apparently, I have so many things to write about and it’s so difficult picking a particular topic. So I have been procrastinating but since I’m so bored, I have decided to just write based on how I feel at the moment. Each time I feel a certain type of way, I’m just going to post what’s on my mind. At least you have an idea of what  goes on in this tiny head of mine (I’m sure you all can relate).

Yeah! The business of the day… It’s all about ME. Have you ever sat down to consider the fact that you live your life based on others’ opinions about you? You validate yourself with other people’s opinions? You find out that you are comparing yourself to others doing better than you in various aspects of life and start feeling depressed because you feel you’re not doing the right thing.

“After all, is it not my mate that is doing bla!bla!bla!bla! Why am I not doing the same? I’m just wasting away!”.

Social media even makes it harder. For women, you go on Instagram and start going through people’s pages. You find your mates getting married, having babies, running successful businesses, going to the gym which is the in-thing these days and gbam! You start to re-evaluate your life. Lol. You’re so distracted and lost in other people’s lives that it takes social media or someone else’s life to re- evaluate yours. I’m sure even guys face this problem. You see your friend doing way better than you. Running a conglomerate and there you go!

“Are we not agemates? Wyd?”.

Lol. Funny but true. However, I’m sure there are some people out there who don’t dwell on such things and if you are one of them, Congrats!!! I admire you! For real!

I am pleased to tell those of you who fall under the 1st category that IT IS NOT HEALTHY! STOP IIIIT!!!! You do not need validation from anyone and I’m also talking to myself here. The only opinion that should matter is God’s and yours. Love yourself.images-1

Make it all about you! I am not saying going through Instagram feeds is a bad thing.  It’s not. It’s interesting. It even gives one incentives and brilliant ideas sometimes. It becomes a problem the moment you let other people’s lives become your standard. You start to think you’re not good enough, you’re not skinny enough, you’re not pretty or handsome enough, you’re not successful enough. Your goals for yourself shouldn’t be as a result of what you have seen in others. Don’t get me wrong, we all should have mentors, people we look up to in a healthy way. Self-development and growth should start from You. You should want to be better because of you! You should want to discover yourself because of You. Every time you get the opportunity, appreciate yourself. Tell you how much you love you. Only when you love yourself will you be able to love others. Love yourself for who you truly are. Be the best version of yourself! Go to the gym because YOU WANT TO LOOK BETTER AND BE FIT! Get married when you have found your purpose for marriage and you’re truly happy within. Be motivated because you want to touch lives and be a blessing to others. Be great because you want to influence others in a positive way and make them understand that it all emanates from loving and appreciating yourself. Do whatever you want because you want to do it!

Not because you want to make A Jealous or you want to get B’s approval. Because the truth is, if you don’t get the approval you seek, your self -esteem will take a down turn. You will be so confused because different people will have different expectations and I don’t understand how you’ll be happy meeting those expectations that really do not make you happy within. In everything you do, you should realize you have a purpose and that should be your ultimate goal. Fulfilling it, because only then will you be truly happy.

I am taking my own advice as I write and making it all about me. I will thank God for approving me. I will thank God for being proud of me. scr208-g-02Every day, I will put on the breastplate of God’s approval, despite my shortcomings. I will be happy with who I am. I will not allow condemnation from others to destroy my destiny. I will shake off the feeling of guilt and disapproval from people. I suggest you do the same!


I hope I have been able to touch someone with this message today. You’ll hear from me again shortly. Hugs!


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